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Individual Plans

Individuals who experience stressful situations at work and in life can utilise our listening and counseling services to confidentially open their hearts to our professional listeners.

Startup Plans

Building up a startup is highly challenging with long work hours and high stress situations. Our favourably priced startup packages provide the right support for you to make it big.

Enterprise Plans

Stress is the biggest productivity killer in any large enterprise. Of all employee wellness initiatives, stress management offers the greatest return of investment.

About Us

Stress Dial is a comprehensive stress management and success coaching service by Centre for Preventive Health,  a healthcare research thinktank and consultancy based in India. At the core of Stress Dial is a professional listening service which lends compassionate ears to stressed out individuals in a non-judgmental and non-intrusive manner. Those needing a more proactive intervention are provided with counselling services from our expert counsellors and psychologists. The cherry on the icing is our success coaching service which enables you  to attain success without compromising on body, mind and life.

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Find out where you stand in terms of being stressed by answering 10 simple questions.

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Our Stress Management plans are tailor-made to address your specific levels of stress.

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Once the appointment is booked, all you need to do is wait for us to initiate the phone call at your chosen time.

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Measure Your Stress Level

Studies have shown that different people respond differently to similar situations of stress depending on their inherent ability to cope with stress. Hence the best way to measure stress is by assessing one’s inner experience of stress rather than external occurrences.

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We are looking for professional psychologists and counsellors to be empaneled experts on If you think you are the right person, just submit the signup form and we will get back to you. 

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