Amala Raghu

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Amala Raghu is a freelancer by profession working with various clients across, in the domain of Counseling, Soft Skills, Storytelling and POSH. She has a developed a fab skillset where she connects with people with ease and make them comfortable and create that energy field to keep the momentum going. She makes people feel utmost comfortable where the training session becomes very interactive and lively.


  • Certified Train the Trainer (TTT) from ICBI accredited by NABET ,2019
  • Awaiting certificate from ICBI as internationally certified Soft Skills Trainer, 2019
  • Trading PGD in Industrial Psychology


  • Imparting language proficiency and core softs skills training in a Training Institute (freelancing)
  • Conducted trainings in association with various clients in Bangalore. Few topics to name: Interview Etiquette, Sales & Up-Selling, Decision Making Skills, Self-Awareness and so on
  •  Client list includes professionals from Cisco, Autodesk, and an IAS officer who are getting trained under me for language proficiency as well as soft skills. Finance sector/Training Academy/Training Institutions are few clienteles to name
  • Working for other clients on freelance based projects
  • Counseling online clients
  • Handling online language proficiency & soft skills classes

Fees Range
Rs. 399 for 45 minutes Covid counseling session
Rs. 799 for 45 minutes counseling session
Rs. 1499 for 90 minutes counseling session

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93 reviews for Amala Raghu

  1. Vignesh

    Such a wonderful experience!! I never can’t forget this madam, D one who disappeared my negative life. After your counciling dates anybody would over come d depression.

    I like d way she approaches her patients.
    Modern Mother Teresa
    Amala man.

  2. Mayan Rudra

    Took the counseling services from Amala, she guided me and assisted me to arrive at a solution and over come my issues.

  3. Mayan Rudra

    Once again I would love to take take this opportunity to Thank Miss Amala for the best counseling services, she guided me and assisted me to arrive at a solution and over come my issues. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

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