Roshni Ramachandran Nair

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Roshni Ramachandran Nair is a compassionate listener with StressDial. Feel free to talk to her to unburden yourself in stressful situations. She will be a true friend you can trust.

Fees Range
Rs. 199 for 25 minutes listening session
Rs. 349 for 50 minutes listening session

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17 reviews for Roshni Ramachandran Nair

  1. Kannan

    Thank you Mam for your time and patience to listen. Glad to know that someone is there to listen and giving me tips to improve my life. Look forward to talking to you again

  2. Savith

    Great talking and thanks for your listening skills and tips. Will surely follow

  3. Priyanka Naidu


  4. Ankit Naidu

    Roshni Ramachandran Nair is a compassionate listener.She will unburden you in stressful situations.

  5. Kumar

    Thanks a lot for call. Am feeling relleived

  6. Mithun

    Dear Mam,

    Thanks a lot for being a very good listener.
    You have been a real motivator and confidence boost to the many downtrodden people.
    Hope you have a wonderful time ahead.

  7. Sagarika debnath

    Rosh is a very kind and keen listener, who helped me in my odd even situations and came with easy solutions. She has always a eye for best.

  8. Vijay

    Thank you for call. Feeling a bit light after talking

  9. Deepa

    Thank you. Will set up follow up call

  10. Mohammed Safeer

    Really inspiring Roshni mam. Your friendly approach and patience in listening others, its immensive. Keep going, lot many hearts are waiting for you.

  11. KTNR Nair

    Listening our problem and gives good tip for releasing the stress. Very useful.

  12. Shobha

    Listening the reason of the stress carefully and gives very good counseling. Wish you all the best.

  13. Sruthi

    Dear Mam

    Thank you so much for your support and also for giving me a wonderful tips.

    Sure will follow 😊

  14. Brinda Subhash

    Dear Roshni

    You are such a stress buster, understanding and keen listener. Anyone can approach her without a second thought and she will play her magic on you

  15. Sobha

    Listening patiently and giving good advice is appreciated Mam.

  16. Poonam lashwani

    Very helpful

  17. Vineeth Panicker

    Thank you Roshni for showing extreme patience to listen my worries,really a different feeling that someone is there to listen to you and give advice for betterment of life. You were such a passionate listener and no words to explain and really excellent in tackling stressful situations. Thanks a lots.

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