Sharayu Thampi

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Sharayu Thampi is a compassionate listener with StressDial. Feel free to talk to her to unburden yourself in stressful situations. She will be a true friend you can trust.

Fees Range
Rs. 199 for 25 minutes listening session
Rs. 349 for 50 minutes listening session

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5 reviews for Sharayu Thampi

  1. Smita

    I was very stressed and so I reached out here to Sharayu. She was sympathetic and a good listener and she was able to calm my mind down. I felt very light and happier after our chat! Thank you Sharayu and Stress Dial. Very good work in this uncertain and stressful times!!

  2. Chandni

    A very good and compassionate listener. Speaking to her makes you feel calm

  3. Ram K

    Sharayu listens carefully and waits patiently to hear me. It was good talking to her . I will regularly speak to her as it helps me.

  4. Keerthana Vasanth Kumar

    A very understanding and empatheic listener! A tender yet thoughtful answers will relieve the overburdened mind!

  5. Manjula Kaliprasad

    I know Mrs. Sharayu Thampi for quite sometime now and she is a very compassionate and kind hearted person. She is always willing to lend an ear and is very good at coming up with ingenious solutions.

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