Thangam Philip

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Thangam Philip is a compassionate listener with StressDial. Feel free to talk to her to unburden yourself in stressful situations. She will be a true friend you can trust.

Fees Range
Rs. 199 for 25 minutes listening session
Rs. 349 for 50 minutes listening session

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12 reviews for Thangam Philip

  1. Jerin Mathew

    I have spoken to Thangam couple of times when stressed and both times she has helped me calm down. Good listener, very empathetic..

  2. Aji John

    Thangam is a good listener. she never interrupts you, and is very sympathetic. I feel light after unburdening my tensions. God bless her.

  3. Lyna Karthikeyan

    she is very understanding, not judgmental. I have known her since 2018 and she is one person I run to when I need some peace of mind. She keeps secrets and you can confide in her all your woes..

  4. Betty Varghese

    Thangam Philip is an active listener. Know her from 2014. She is genuinely interested in you and is very patient. I feel totally relaxed after having a chat with her, always.

  5. Reena Nair

    Whenever I feel depressed, I call her (Thangam) up and she always gives me a patient ear. I can totally trust her to keep my mental agonies, my problems.. she listens everything and at the end I feel calm and relaxed.

  6. Keshav Kankanady

    I know Thangam (I call her Rose) for 25 years. She had been my colleague and a good friend. Now though I live in Canada, I call her up when I am stuck with a problem in the family and she always helps me tide over the situation. God bless her.

  7. Kishore Kakade

    Thangam has been my friend and confidante of 30 years. She is one person I turn to when in a crisis. She is an empathetic listener and respects my privacy. I am only happy if others too can benefit from her kind heart.

  8. Jessy Thomas

    Thangam encourages you to to get to the source of your frustrations and concerns and you can talk to her in complete confidence. She is not judgmental, quite respectful and helps you feel happy and relaxed, every time I talk to her.

  9. Anahita Buhariwala

    Thangam and I are friends for the last 15 years. She has been my safety valve every time I am faced with emotional issues within family and colleagues. Some half hour on the phone with her and her insightful advises and suggestions boost my self esteem and make me cheerful.

  10. Baburaj MS

    Whenever I call her up with a problem, I get her full attention. She empathizes with my feelings, and consoles me. Thangam has a kind heart and her words have a soothing effect.

  11. Lazarus Rozario

    A very positive person, she abdorbes my headaches like a sponge.. makes me feel lightheaded after a chat..

  12. Dhanya

    Thangam is a very good listener. when ever i get disappointed i call her n she use to guide me. she used to help me to overcome many difficult situations in ma life..i hope everyone will use this chance to share their problems n get solved..

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